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Welcome to, a free website for adults to learn English. Here you can practice English speaking, reading, writing, listening, grammar, vocabulary and more. is a very popular way to learn English online. Since 2008, when the website originally launched, more than 7 million adults from around the world have visited USA Learns to learn English.

Why do people like to learn English with Well, it’s free, fun and a great way to learn English online! Our beginning and intermediate English courses include hundreds of educational videos that will teach you American English. USA Learns also has thousands of English learning activities and quizzes that let you know immediately if you answer correctly. even saves your English lessons and scores, so you know where to start the next time you sign in!

And with, you can learn English anywhere and anytime — day or night. If you work long hours, have family obligations or transportation issues, USA Learns is the perfect way for you to learn English online. It’s easy and free to start learning English today. Thank you, and we wish you the best of luck with your English studies! is a resource center for teaching and learning about language and culture. This website provides a variety of engaging materials and resources for teachers’ professional development and for students in the classroom. Both teachers and students will find new ways to practice English and learn more about the United States.

The Office of in Washington, D.C. provides academic expertise, advisory and consultative assistance, as well as materials and resources worldwide. All programs are implemented by Regional English Language Officers (RELOs) at American Embassies or Consulates. Programs and resources administered through our office include English materials, distance education programs, and teacher training workshops. For more information or to receive these resources in your area, please contact your RELO. We encourage you to explore our website and check back regularly for updates and new resources.