Vocabulary Development

Specially designed posts for easy memorizing of English words and fixed collocations

Hit or Miss

Let us discuss two Language verbs that are fascinating hit and miss, which is ideals are occasionally challenging to result in Euro. Nevertheless, about all underneath the purchase. Begin with the verb of let us skip. Skip as a verb indicates, “hitting the goal, to miss”. For instance, he desired to take at the bird. […]

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English Collocations

In Euro, as in Language, words that are such are terrible. For instance, a quick train (quick practice), but a fast shower (a fast bath). In the event that you alter fast quick as well as in some locations, the words (a fast practice / a quick bath) may seem abnormal in Language. The thing […]

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Advertising Terminology

Marketing is becoming section of our daily existence nowadays. If stereo and to advertising have grown to be at home and encased people at the office, another kinds of advertising outside shows, internet marketing, displays firmly dissuade share of stereo and to advertising within our as well as packed 100% of occurrence that is every […]

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