How to Do a Review Paper

The notion of a review of article cannot always be obvious to those students who have to complete the similar task. Often, even such specialists as journalists demand a clarification in case they are expected to create a review of this or that article. The notion ‘critique of article’ is closely connected for people who want to learn how to compose the review of this or that article. When the direction is to compose one of these simple pieces, an instructor has to simplify just what he or she prefers to read if it is completed and handed in.

Usually, when writing review papers, a person is provided with a peculiar article. As a rule, this particular article is quite difficult to read; therefore, it needs a repeated number of readings. In addition, a reviewer may have a need to look for unfamiliar expressions or words.

A reviewer has to draw a plan and make decisions concerning the separate aspects in the article, which have to be referred to. It will always be a formal written assignment completed according to adopted requirements.

Several Tips for Composing Article Reviews

  • Familiarize with the article thoroughly and take down notes concerning concepts you should research.
  • To research the notions, go online or tone of libraries. Just take clear records, which may be changed into paragraphs a bit later.
  • Talk about the topic with those people who participate in the similar field of activity. As an example, in case the article is mostly about a movie show, watch this movie at least.
  • Gather as many informational sources as it is necessary to compose a review of the article.
  • Fix deadlines in order to include the stages of researching alongside with interviewing.
  • Start drafting, and assure yourself that you apply a style, which sums up the information. A review is thought out to be more than a description paper: you have to comprehend and interpret; in case you are expected to do so, provide your own point of view.
  • It is smart to compose the first paragraph at the end of the line. When writing online reviews, the analysis is introduced appropriately. After that, place all paragraphs and start composing an informative review.

Picking up the Topic

More often than not, the employer or instructor will provide you with an article but from time to time you have to pick the topic separately. Very often, reviewers select articles they are interested in. Nevertheless, when you do not have any idea regarding the article, it is possible to ask your friends to help and recommend appropriate information for the task. It may be important to have a look at various textbooks because they may include necessary references – the so-called ‘review of the help.’

When choosing an article, it may be important to examine whether the content of the given article attracts your attention and whether you can comprehend what is composed.

Tips to Take into Consideration

  • A reviewer needs to compose a summary of the assigned article. Main points should be enumerated and explained shortly.
  • A reviewer has to present an article’s evaluation. It means that you need to assess the significance of the content of the article.
  • Make a decision concerning the significance of the information and whether it offers new facts on the topic it comprises.
  • Your task is to make a conclusion, with the help of writing, in which way the subject may be enhanced, or whether the article contains necessary details or not.
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In addition, you can look at these writing rules:

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