The Present Continuous Tense

The number of articles’ extension dedicated to amount of time in the English language. The forming of continuous tense. An activity is, expressed by current continuous tense like a procedure that is happening within our period of time or in the second of talking. Present Constant is, shaped from additional verb to stay Existing Everlasting and existing participles (Current Participle) the primary verb. Participle shaped by the addition of the endings in towards the primary verb’s infinitive with no compound to. Reading — reading that is. Working — operating. I am working (I am operating). (I am working). He is working (He is functioning). (It functions). She is working (She is functioning). (It functions). Its working (It is functioning). (This works). Provided in parentheses would be the shortened types utilized in vocabulary that is verbal. Before topic, the auxiliary verb is set within the interrogative type.

Would be the kids enjoying soccer? (Kids playing soccer?) Is he, employed in the backyard? (He currently functions within the backyard.) Within the damaging type after an auxiliary verb can be used, the compound not. Girls are not performing. (Women do not perform today). In interrogative sentences, the auxiliary verb is, positioned prior to the compound and the subject not following the topic. I am today get yourself ready for my exams. (Am I not get yourself ready for the examinations?)

The Usage of the Current Constant

Current Constant used to convey steps happening at speech’s moment. Why have you been sobbing? (Why have you been weeping?) You are not currently hearing me. (You are not hearing me) Current Constant used right now of talk to Convey an extended period, although certainly not. What are you performing within London? (What are you performing within London?) I am their studies at Sorbonne. (I am students in the Sorbonne). Current Constant used to State to convey an extended motion occurring concurrently with another motion in the tense that was present. I am just pleased when I am functioning. (I am pleased only if operating). Potential steps were, prepared by current Constant used to Convey, particularly with verbs. In this instance, you have to make use of the time situation. We are traveling each morning to London. (We are departing for London each morning). Is he arriving today? (Is he arriving today?) Another verb’s infinitive means purpose to do the motion within the not too distant future and provides a dash of responsibility to it, unavoidable to do the motion suggested from the infinitive. I am likely to talk. (I will talk). He is likely to be, considered an instructor. (He is likely to be, considered an instructor).

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