The Present Indefinite Tense (Part 2)

Existing Everlasting of the verb to have and to become. The verb to become (to become) widely as a primary verb so that as an auxiliary and used. Types of the verb. In dental developed types are frequently used by talk. I am. You are. We are. They truly are. He’s. She’s. It Is. Interrogative and damaging types of the verb is, shaped with no auxiliary verb. Within to become set prior to the subject’s type. Am I a health care provider? (I am a health care provider.) Is she students? (She is students.) Within the damaging type, following the verb may be the compound not. I am not a health care provider. (I am not a health care provider). In talk that is dental it is not and is are not use contractions therefore are not and is not. I am reductions has not. The verb can also be utilized equally like an auxiliary so that as a main. It acts for that development of numerous tight types of verbs that are additional. In Our Everlasting of the verb, the following to possess is, conjugated. The interrogative and damaging type of the verb to possess is, shaped with no auxiliary verb. Perhaps you have several friends. (You have several friends.) The type that was damaging is shaped in two methods:

  • Using the compound not. I have not (have not) several friends. (I have several friends).
  • Using the compound number. I have no friends. (I have no friends).

The usage of the current everlasting. Present Everlasting can be, used to State constant or recurring motion regarding this. I visit college. (I visit college). He functions. (It functions). She comes at six. (She comes at 6 o’clock). Present Everlasting can be used or throughout time’s existing period. You study perfectly. (You study perfectly). He dances poorly. (It’s poor dance). Present Everlasting can be used to State situation or motion is not restricted to what is occurring aside from person is wishes and the full time structures. Water is, dissolved in by sugar. (Glucose mixed in water). Present Everlasting can be, used to State steps happening at speech’s moment. With verbs that are not utilized in the constant, type: to determine, to listen to, to learn, to experience, to like, to dislike, loving, to comprehend. Nothing is seen by me. (I see nothing). It is not, understood by me. (I actually do not understand why). If one is just declaring a well-known fact, not really a move motion like an ongoing procedure. Here she comes. (Below she comes).

Present Everlasting can be used to State potential steps in subordinate conditions of period and problems which are enforced from the unions when (when); after (after); before (before, before); till, until (until); the moment (when); if (except); unless (or even), etc. Until you come, I am going to be here. (I am going to be here before you come). Until I get my layer delay. (Delay until I brush up on my layer). Present Everlasting can be, used to State prepared potential steps (generally with verbs signifying motion). In phrases that were, such are often utilized adverbial phrases that show action’s time. Within the related plans that were, Euro may also be properly used today. Tomorrow I depart. (I depart Moscow tomorrow). When does the physician come? (As it pertains to physician.)

Present Everlasting can be, used in a story to State number or an activity of consecutive steps previously. The tale is, animated by this utilization of the Current Everlasting, occasions occur, as though within speaking is second. All one night, of comes small Emily from her work. (Abruptly one night infant Emily comes back home from function and he together with her). Train Language and look after oneself!

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