Use of Present Simple

Current Applications

1: We make the most of The current straightforward when some factor is at all times typically right.

  • Of us in the present day need meals.
  • It hastens in Winter.
  • Two and a pair of Make 4.

2: We should apply this harassed we expect is much less or extra everlasting. (Watch the present steady for short-term circumstances.)

  • The place would you presently stay?
  • She capabilities at a monetary establishment.
  • I actually do not Like mushrooms.

3: The next Utilization is to get issues or customs that people do. We continuously use adverbs of frequency (similar to ‘normally’, ‘at all times’ and ‘generally’) on this circumstance, along with sayings similar to ‘each Sunday’ or ‘twice a month’. (Watch the present steady for brand new (short-term or annoying customs).

Would you smoke?

I carry out Tennis every Tuesday.

I actually do not Touring.

4: We Are Capable of Make the most of the current easy for actions that are presently taking place. The actions are so quick they’re completed. That’s utilized in mixture with sports activities remark.

  • He chooses The wing he runs down, and he scores!

Future Applications

5: We make the most of The current straightforward to debate the close to future as soon as we’ve been presently speaking even a plan that’s predetermined or a schedule. Often, we not repair by way of a corporation, the schedule.

  • College begins at 9.
  • What time does the movie begin?
  • The airplane Would not arrive. It will get to seven.

6: We Make use of the current easy to debate the long run phrases similar to ”if’, ‘earlier than’, ”later’ , ‘earlier than’ and ‘proper as’. All these are referred to as clauses of time.

  • I will phone You as soon as I’ve time. (Maybe not ‘may have’.)
  • I can’t transfer Out earlier than it quits working.
  • I’m shifting as soon as I see the headlines To create dinner.

Conditional Applications

7: ” We make the most of The present easy from the zero conditionals and in addition the primary. (Watch the conditionals part to be taught extra.)

  • In case it We won’t come.
  • Do you have to heat Water to 100 levels, it boils?

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